Application Requirements

    Working Hours :
    Salary :
    Daily Wage(Consultation)
    Request, Dohan, Drink & Food Back.
    Benefits :
    ○ We Provide Free Transportation Service "OKURI" After Work Only.
    ○ We Also have Dormitory for Those Who don't have Place to Stay(Consultation)
    Qualification :
    ○ Were Working for Pretty Girls.
    ○ Over 20 Years Old.
    ○ With Right Visa Holder.
    ○ No Experience Needed.
    Job Information :
    We Need Urgent Pretty Filipina Girls Arubaito Who can Make Good Club With us!
    Please Call us for Interview.
    Let's Talk About Your Salary.
    System & Your Dream.
    Contact :
    CAT'S EYE 054-252-3399 17:30~